Fantasy Sports Is Not Gambling

This Game Requires Skill

When it comes to fantasy sports leagues, you’ve got to have some serious skill and know how about your game of choice. Manager will have to take into account a lot of facts, statistics and game theory knowledge in order to stand a chance. There are literally hundreds of magazines and websites that provide information on fantasy sports leagues in order to keep its players informed. Simply knowing your depth charts is not good enough to win this game. You must also take into account prospects, weather patterns, coaching styles and injuries. Don’t forget about the away and home stats either. There are plenty of other pieces of information you need to have in order to be a successful fantasy sports manager.

Take the Fantasy Baseball Championship, for example. This is one of the highest levels of competition within fantasy sports. If you’ve been paying any attention at all, you will have noticed that it’s mostly top players consistently winning these games. This is not what you would expect to see if it were based on random chance. Highly skilled players win much more frequently in order for it to be random chance.

Fantasy Sports Are Not Classified As Gambling By The Federal Government

Since 2006, the so called Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act declared fantasy sports to be perfectly legal. George W. Bush was President at the time, and he signed this act into law on October 13, 2006, right after it came through Congress. This act makes it illegal for banks to allow transactions to illegal gambling sites. But the notable exception to the rule was fantasy sports, horse racing and lotteries.

This bill has specifically excempted fantasy sports games and educational games. It literally says that any game whose winners reflect the knowledge and skill of the players, is legal. So that means that any game that you can consistently win by simply being really good at it (rather than having to rely on random chance), is legal. And fantasy sports are a great example of such a legal game, where the most proficient players mostly win.

Plenty Of Organizations Support Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports is being backed up by organizations such as the National Football League and the Major League Baseball. These organizations are pretty sensitive to gambling scandals, and would never allow themselves to be caught in bed with illegal gambling practices. They are perfectly okay with fantasy sports leagues and (as a matter of factly) frequently host their own fantasy sports events. Visit their websites ( and to learn more.

The above two named organizations are by no means the only ones that support fantasy sports. Nascar, NHL, NBA and PGA also support these leagues. And then I’ve left out Sports Illustrated, CBS, ESPN, NBC and even Yahoo! There are even more organizations who couldn’t possibly afford to be involved in illegal gambling practices, and yet they frequently dabble in the game of fantasy sports leagues. This goes to prove once and for all that fantasy sports simply does not count as gambling. It’s a perfectly legal game of skill, just like poker.